Cartoon Illustrated Posters

Marriott Thatre: Poster: Cinderella After The Ball

Poster for Marriott Theatre’s Cinderella… After The Ball. The producers specifically wanted a poster that felt like an ensemble “hero” poster from a Hollywood movie to highlight the cast of characters.

Northwestern University: Poster: Into The Woods

Marketing illustration for Northwestern University’s Into The Woods. The producers wanted an image that would have an appeal for younger audiences, while still maintaining the dark tone of the show.

Tea Time at Sea by Charles Riffenburg

“Tea Time at Sea”: a poster/T-shirt design I created for a self-directed project.

Lively Productions: Show Art: Taking The Plunge, by Grab Bag Media

Show art for Lively Production’s musical “Taking The Plunge” performed at the New York Fringe, about a nervous groom and equally nervous mother of the bride who meet on top of Big Ben as they contemplate ending it all.