Hero, a comic book musical

Hero production poster

Production poster, which also served as the cover for the comic book created for the show. The characters featured are based on the actors who played them.

Hero: Comic book

A 20-page original, full-color comic book created as a prop for the show as well as a promotional piece. It was given to critics and also sold at concessions during the show.

Hero: Sketchbooks

I produced content for sketchbooks used onstage to show the lead character’s work. I also kept a sketchbook diary during rehearsals and the run of the show. This content was featured on the Hero website behind-the-scenes blog.

Hero: Transit ads

Among other assets, I produced a series of transit ads for the show that appeared on Chicago-area trains and buses.

Hero: website home page

One of the primary items I created as part of this package was a website about the show, its story and characters, and the process of creating it. I created an extensive blog showing how the show and it materials were created. Visit the website here >

Hero: Production team poster

At the end of the production, I created a poster of the cast and production team featuring moments from the show.