my clients

Who do I work with?

I love to work with arts clients looking for a long-term strategic marketing partner who can supply quality marketing imagery with an eye to consistent branding, audience outreach, and solid marketing strategy.

Arts organizations are always creating new art for their communities, and that means new marketing materials, graphics, and strategies for engaging audiences and promoting events. I am the person you can rely on to deliver these on time, on message, and on budget.

I work on either a per-project contract basis or a monthly retainer when regular work is needed. I maintain my own office and my own up-to-date technology and supplies. To ensure I’m giving you the best work I possibly can, I am always taking courses and attending seminars to learn new design and marketing concepts. I am also constantly working in the theatre and comics industries, pulling fresh ideas from everywhere I find them.

If you are part of an arts organization, I am the best tool to have in your marketing team’s back pocket.


“Charles has been instrumental in bringing the Emerald City brand to a HEIGHTENED PROFESSIONALISM & CONSISTENCY. He has a remarkable ability to take complex ideas & multiple priorities and translate them into CLEAR, ENGAGING, & EFFECTIVE GRAPHICS in both print and web.”

-Eleanor Hyde, former Emerald City Theatre Marketing Director

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Charles. His PERSPECTIVE, DESIGN ACUMEN, and TALENT are unparalleled. One look at our new artwork and you instantly know what The Machine is: a progressive indie radio station for the discerning listener. We owe the clarity and punch of our new branding all to Charles.”

-Nicholas Young, Executive Producer at The Machine

“Charles has a TREMENDOUS SENSE OF STORY. We have worked together on posters, websites, & viral marketing campaigns; no matter what the medium, he works every detail to make the client’s story as compelling as possible.

I’m always confident going into a project where Charles is doing the design work.”

–Johnny Knight, Johnny Knight Photography

“You will not find a more TALENTED, KIND, PROFESSIONAL guy. Charles is an amazing collaborator. Producers from around the country have contacted me on how amazing the show looks based soley on the website. It’s been an incredible experience working with Charles.”

–Aaron Thielen, Marriott Theatre Artistic Director

“Charles is a TALENTED ILLUSTRATOR and a CREATIVE COPYWRITER. He scripted, storyboarded and directed a video shoot for us and impressed everyone with his thorough preparation and clear vision for the shoot.”

–Stephanie Kulke, President of Kick Start Marketing Chicago