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The Making of Creditors

April 8, 2013

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Poster for Remy Bumppo's Creditors

This is the show image for the final show in Remy Bumppo‘s 2012/2013 season, Creditors. This image was particularly challenging to arrive at, even though you look at it now and it seems so simple. Below, I’ve posted some of my sketchbook pages as I tried to find the right image to summed up this show. It’s a story about three people: a woman, her husband, and her former lover. Themes of darkness, marriage, sexual anxiety, and manipulation surrounded the work. The fact that one man is a writer and the other a sculpture influenced me to try to find a solution involving these professions. Ultimately, though, it all came back to the idea of relationships, anxiety, and being watched.

When Artistic Director Nick Sandys suggested something with someone looking through the slats of blinds in a window, the image really started to come together. I eventually distilled it down to just an eye looking through a single opening, which could be a door or a window, and the clasped hands showing intimacy and relationship. The specifics of who is who in this scenario are unnecessary (these relationships change throughout the show).

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