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Print portfolio update

July 18, 2011

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New portfolio samples

Just a quick update to hype the fact that I’ve finally updated my print portfolio. I threw some new stuff into it a couple months ago when I had a job interview, but this time I’ve actually taken a smidgeon of time to make sure the fonts are more closely aligned with my new branding, seen on this blog, my portfolio site, and my new business cards. The title page you see here contains all the elements of my business card meshed into one single image. If you’re interested, skip on over to and download the new PDF from any of the section header links (it’s about 7 megs, FYI).

On a tangent, I’ve never understood the ultra fancy portfolios I see in design magazines that some designers put together. They’ll put together a full book design and print several hundred bound copies (sometimes with die cuts and the whole works). I guess straight of college, when flooding the market with your stuff, it’s a good idea. But for someone like me, who is constantly creating new work that I think outshines my old stuff, that avenue sounds like a big old time and money hole. Instead, I use an Itoya art portfolio so I can switch out pages whenever I need a refresh or if I want to tailor my portfolio towards a certain client. I own one 11×14 portfolio for presentations and two 8.5×11 versions that I can send to or leave with the client and not get bent out of shape if it never gets returned. I keep an assortment of my originals with the large portfolio; everything in the small ones is a quality print-out.

P.S. At some point, I think I’ll switch to the Itoya Presentation Triangle model. Now that’s a sharp presentation portfolio, at least for my uses.


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