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HOW Design Conference

June 22, 2011

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HOW Creative Freelancer Design Conference logo

This weekend is the HOW Design Live Conference, which is located in downtown Chicago this year. It’s a massive event created by HOW Magazine which encompasses four sub-conferences: HOW Design, which is kind of the general design conference; InHOWse Managers, which is for designers and managers who work within a company; Creative Freelancer, which is for those of us that work for ourselves; and Dieline Package Design, which is what it sounds like. The full conference is quite pricey, so I opted to just attend the Creative Freelancer conference, which runs Thursday and Friday.

If you want to keep up with what I’m experiencing while there, point your Twitter feed to #c_riff. I’ll be dropping observations both days, and have a big post about it on Monday. If you happen to be in the area as well, drop me a line!


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